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Packaged Goods Transportation

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Packaged Goods Transportation

We have developed a network of correspondents in groupage and full loads that allows us to move and store your goods throughout Europe and Africa.

Countries like Tanzania,Democratic Republic of Congo,Kenya,Germany, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Italy have been the first to consolidate in recent years to provide services with Africa Countries offering daily departures for some of them and weekly departures for others.

Our technical and human teams are prepared for transporting conventional goods as well as ADR classified chemicals and goods requiring temperature control during transport; being able to offer storage solutions for such goods.

We offer outsourcing of logistics services to our clients, from their production chain to delivery to the final destination.


First and foremost, transport packaging must serve to protect goods in transit. Given the nature of road and rail infrastructure, transport packaging should be manufactured so as to absorb unintended shocks, impacts or accidents of any kind, as well as protect against the elements such as humidity, excessive temperatures or heavy weather.


Transport packaging must take into account the possibility of multiple stages in transit before the product reaches its final destination. This includes multiple off-loading, re-packaging, re-loading and possibly storage of the product(s). Transport packaging should thus be versatile enough to facilitate this process when necessary.

Customized Solutions

Transport packaging should be as individual as the product itself and perfectly match the product’s consistency, size and dimensions. The focus here is on packaging that is lightweight, robust, easy to handle and that takes up as little space as possible.

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